October 10, 2015

Headcleaner - Urban decay

Not much info about the man who hides behind this pseudo. His name is Ian Allaway and he currently lives in Edimburgh. You can read a more complete statement on his Flickr site here. He mainly shoots nude females and ofter it's difficult to distinguish his pictures from the usual mainstream erotism that really overloads the photographic world for more than half a century now. He seems to have no problem to find a lot of female models. Strange as shame to show our own body is so increasing these late years when so many girls can exhibit without problem when it's in front of a camera. Among this big amound of nude females series, there is this interesting series in which the model spreads a perverse, exciting and sensual imagery. With something of crude reality that cruelly lacks in most of the other series. 

October 7, 2015

Simone Ridi - Various works

Three years after the previous post (here) I post some more by this Italian photographer about whom I don't know much more than 3 years ago but I must be honest, I didn't seach a lot. After all her work is enough for me and her statement on her Pictify site (here) is also enough for me. I think she should try to select the pictures in the series and not to post so much but it seems this is a recent trend to show us all and that we are left the work to chose. I'm sure it's a bad idea but I'm surely an old dumbass (don't really know what it means but I'm sure it's negative). So here some scoptophilian pleasure in a genre I affectionate, and if you come here often this is surely because you appreciate it too. 

October 6, 2015

Francesco Merlini - Scrapbook

This young Italian photographer (born in 1986), cites D'agata and Petersen as influences and it's not difficult to feel it in some of his shots such as the ones I chose above. This inclination for crudity, reality, flesh-as-it-is and not formatted for current aesthetism, is a major common traits he shares with these two great masters. I hope he'll go on long on this hard way and won't be swallowed by more mainstream visual options. His pictures do not all talk to me. Many seem to me rather uninteresting. But the selected ones provide a personal body imagery, the main thema of this blog after all. His site here

October 3, 2015

Georges Miley - Erotic and Personal

I don't know who is this man, and I found no info about him. These self-portraits show that he's in his 50s and that he is primary interested by pictures of his body in every kind of positions, even the less usually appreciated by men who want to show a virile image of them. There are a lot of amount of pictures on his tumblr (here). I selected above my favorites. Sometimes he's with a male or female model (or friend). Not sure what this project means for him. The fact that he has a grown-up male body that is not exactly what we could call sensual (but I'm maybe not the right person to appreciate it) is maybe a part of the project. But I'm not sure. The important is that this work is clearly belonging to the field of interest of this blog.