November 15, 2015

Véronique Vial - Paris naked

Because dear fucking terrorist bastards, Paris will stay forever the city of pleasure, sensuality and multiculturalism but also of resistance to any oppression throughout history (from kings to nazis and now you, islamo-nazis), I post this series featuring everything you hate and despise cos' you're frustrated and psychologically castrated pigs (sorry to pigs, respectable animals and brothers, it's only a metaphoric word here). Happy to know that your body is spread in thousands of little pieces of flesh when you die and that that virgins will not ever use you as meat for their meal when you'll meet them. Go to hell and let us taste life until its last drop and be drunk to death. Veronique Vial site here

November 9, 2015

Oliver Rath - Children

A third post about this German photograph (previous ones here) who is always on the edge of the tolerable (not my idea of tolerable but a general one) as it's the case in these pictures who feature a child that could be his own son but I got no information about that. I really love those who push the boundaries to the limits, notably when, as it's the case here, pictures are rather good and even great for some. You can find most of these pictires and many others on the photograph's blog here

November 5, 2015

Jacques-Henri Lartigue - Various

Jacques-Henri Lartigue is not really a photograph I'm deeply fond of but in the pictures I selected above, there is something of the true nature of joyful sensuality and of everyday scoptophilian pleasure that fits totally well with the spirit (cos' finally there's a sort of spirit) of this blog. You'll find everything on wikipedia about this famous French photograph who has a sort of cult status in this country (the one I live in). More disturbing pictures to come I promise. 

October 31, 2015

Lena Marquise - Body As Commodity and other works

Lena Marquise is a performer. She lends her body for diverse performances based on the relation between the female body and its representations in the current cultural and sexual dominant social rules. Her most notorious (and recent) performance was her "vagina as phone charger" that took place in the Art Basel Miami in December 2014 (with a certain Usher who charged his battery in the USB cord getting out her vagina). One link in a now long tradition of activism questionning the way female body is constrained to object use. Her site here. Other performances or pictures in the above series. 

October 28, 2015

Leslie Krims - Various 70's works

When I discovered photography (at the end of the 70's) Leslie Krims became instantly my favorite photographer. I often used his pictures to make fake cover sleeves for singles without any. I can't say I really explored photography until the creation of this blog in 2010, almost 30 years after I left any curiosity for this media. Now, more than 5 years after having viewed an incredibly large amount of pictures and photo-makers, I'm the first surprised to realize that... Leslie Krims is still my favorite photographer. And more specifically his 70's work. Nothing has made on me more impact. Sure Francesca Woodman and Sally Mann are maybe the greatest of all and Jan Saudek a master in his own but Krims' work is still the one I would have dreamt to achieve as a photographer. My previous post about him was miserable, with low quality and size pictures. Now I gathered many with correct (and some excellent) characteristics so it's a sort of historical post with an hommage to my all-time fave photo-artist. Note that often his models are (like Saudek) his relatives (mum, sister, girlfriend). After, his style changed and never reached (for me) these peaks again. To explain why I love so much this ancient work would be too long, and surely I would be short of words in English. And after all who cares? His site here