Sergey Bykov - Après nous

"I was born in july 1967 in Kuibyshev, Russia and grew up in a small town up in the south of Ural mountains". That's how begins his autobiographical note on this site (here). The rest can be read on the page so no need to write it my way here. What's to remember is that after a long personal uncertainty about his creativity, he met Michael Ackerman whose view on photography deeply influenced and modified his vision of this art. In the pictures I chose for the above series, there is this Russian quality and singularity where people seem so alive (even the dog) when so many occidental photographers, even talented ones, only show metaphorical humans. Maybe I'm not too clear but blame it on my poor English. All in all, I really love these pictures.


Mikey McMichaels - Portraits

Don't really know who is Mikey McMichaels except he digs the erotic path of photography and seems to be from New York, but among the amount of rather mainstream shots, there are some stunning pictures I gathered here. Some may say it's my own choice and others are better but it's my own blog and others are also better so wtf. Actually, it's more the carnation of the bodies that their nudity and beauty that make these images so sensual. But once again it's the way I see it and this is only a subjective judgement. But whilst alive, that's the best I can do. About this artist I got 2 links to provide, this one and that other one.


Kembra Pfahler - Various

Kembra Pfahler is an American artist and body activist born in 1961 mixing performances music and transgressive actions. She was (and said to be) very influenced by the 70's Viannese actionism movement (people such as Günter Brus, Otto Mühl, Hermann Nitsch and Rudolf Schwarzkogler, funny that this movement consisted mainly in males when during the last 30 years women largely represent the majority of this exhibition approach of art and political action). She's also the lead singer and performer of a band called The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. The pictures above are a mix of various performances providing a little bit of her visual universe. Note that she doesn't fear to mutilate herself in an apparent happy mood. Below, some videos from her (notably a subject on her) and from
the band.



silabin ณวิทยุ - New series

A new series of pictures by this great photographer (from Thailande it seems but tell me if I'm wrong). I posted a previous one here and I can't get enough of it since there is here maybe the humanity missing in d'Agatta's work. Not the same strenght of course but more empathy and humour for sure. Nudity here has this real eroticism so often lacking in most of pictures featuring naked models. Here, bodies seem so real, so near to touch, so present, it's an unusual and moving impression. And the uncertain nature of the places they are (hotels, clubs, inbetweens), add to the unterritoriality of their atmosphere. It's humans as they are when they are nowhere and they assume this machine they call their body. His flickr site with much more varied subjects of models shot here.