May 22, 2015

Shae De Tar - Hand-colored

Not the usual stuff Scoptophilia shows but tonight I'm feeling inclined toward this oniric vintage imagery, a little bit outdated, or more exactly old-fashioned (if you're in Puvis de Chavannes, you must love the 10th one), with models too much in the normative mould for me, but it would be so good cover sleeves for seventies psychedelic stuff I can't help to like it a lot. I won't write any semantic shit about it since I only find it pleasant to see, pure scoptophilia actually. So in the right place to be posted. Her site here.

May 17, 2015

Jacob Madamour - Acheron

This French photographer (don't know his age but I think he's rather young, actually everybody seems young to me these days) uses an unusually large format for pictures about a sort of home-terror surely expressing a more interior and intimate one. Not visually revolutionary, Jan Saudek was here before, and there's also an Antoine d'Agata flavor in the situations, but I see enough strength and singularity in this work to include it in this blog (not that I say that to be on this blog is to enter some glorious place, it's just that I choose what I think is in agreement with the sort of stuff I consider being Scoptophilia-fitting). I think that what I appreciate the most here is bodies' carnation, drowned in bronze like living statues tormented by inner anguish and despair. It's unreal and realistic when these two qualities usually are not conciliable. But I prefer not to add anything else my English tonight is worse than ever. The photographer's site here

May 10, 2015

Lucien Lorelle - Various works

Born in 1894 and deceased in 1968, Lucien Lorelle is quite a figure in French photography, but strangely forgotten, the notoriety being mainly for those who shot scenes of everyday life more than artistic material or nudes. He was friend with several from the surrealist movement, deeply modified the art of the portrait (giving birth to the Harcourt style), wrote books about photography and did some ad campains. Here a selection of his work across ages (not too difficult to see those from the 30's and those from the 60's). Not a potent idiosyncrasy in these images but a real attempt to mix light effects with nude female bodies. Some of them possess a real sensuality, notably the most naturalistic ones. Here some more about him. 

May 5, 2015

Féebrile - Polas

Another post, 3 and a half years after the first one (god, I'm getting old at a fast pace), this time for some polaroids she did (more here). She seems to go on since she prepares a book and will have her own exhibition in Paris next October. A very singular work, not really in these polas (name of the series), but I love more and more this particular texture of polaroids (real or fake ones), specially in black and white. Moreover, I should post more new material from photographers I posted about some years ago. But sometimes their recent work doesn't please me or sometimes there's no any sign from them. That's not the case for Féebrile (a pun on fairy and feverish that in France sounds a little bit similar). Previous post here

April 27, 2015

Deana Lawson - Corporeal

Here a photographer's work (born in 1979) that can gives way to a load of shitty analyses (I read quite a lot about it). For me (but I may be a dumb ignorant) it's only black body individuals captured in various familiar environments giving a sense of intimacy mixed with a certain scenography. Don't really know what it's all about, reminds me the Leslie Krims school (without the provocative strength of this great ancestor) and some more in the late years (particularly in the US where this sort of motionless images is quite trendy for a reason I leave to those who love adding hundred of words to pictures). Her site here. Great series title anyway.