December 31, 2010

Quietly Filthy - Pig woman

A short series by a German model / photographer (see here). The pictures were not shot by her but by Revelio. However the idea is hers. This to illustrate a "don't eat like pigs on the new year night". And after all, do as you want, pigs merit our respect, not sure men and women all do.

December 30, 2010

Ana Mendieta

A small hommage (I mean short) to Ana Mendieta, born in 1948 in Havana and found dead in 1985 in NYC. Not a photographer, but an artist who questioned the relations of our bodies with the environmental elements and who also included blood as a constant ligand in her oeuvre (don't like the word "work" to talk about what artists do, and I don't know how to translate oeuvre in English so I use it instead). More on her here.

December 29, 2010

Brooke Shaden - Women of interior

Another excellent series by Brooke Shaden. Very different to her usual mystical universe. But a fascinating and succesful way to show women stuck in their domestic role. However, in seeing the thousands of young women posing for "erotic" or "pornographic" pictures on the net, I wonder if the traditional christian dichotomy between mother versus whore is not still very vivid. When will we be able to leave this stupid categorization behind us and build something new ?

December 28, 2010

Constantine Gedal

Constantine Gedal is a Russian artist who uses drawing, painting and photography but this is in this last discipline I find he offers the best of his talent. Difficult to define the strange mix of malaise and serenity that we feel looking at these pictures. A real achievement. His site here.

December 27, 2010

Mockingbird girl

Some nice cliches of a NYC model called Mockingbird girl. One more in the BBW category. But actually on these ones, her curves are not the main subject of the shots, more something gentle and kindly that shines in her eyes. Something some of us would thrillingly need tonight. Yes, these pictures provide the perfect atmosphere I would dream of. At least the first ones, since the last ones see the demons coming back and the desire to jump and swim deeper and deeper in a protective ocean for eternity. Her blog's here.

December 26, 2010

Brooke Shaden - The myth of Ophelia

Brooke Shaden is a young (23 yrs) US photographer who has an immense talent and maturity for her age. Her pictures are based around levitation of bodies (in air or in water) and influenced by the symbolist painters. Of course, there is not here the emotional power of a Francesca Woodman and not the transgressive force of a Jan Saudek, but honestly I think she proposes something that is highly relevant to our own anguishes about our relations with the earth and death. Here's a first series where she provides a photographic representation of the Ophelia myth. Of course the Millais painting served as a reference, but the result is really strong. Her site's here and her blog's there.

Marilyn Monroe - Reading

I love to look at women reading. It's something that makes me feel happy and makes me love them more than seeing them doing anything else (I've said "anything" else yes). And these pictures of Marilyn reading at various periods of her life are very touching. More impression of private intimacy here than in any of her sexy shots. We wouldn't feel more proximate if she was masturbating nude in front of the camera, which is quite a lesson about what is prudishness. I must say that this series was largely inspired and borrowed from this blog here. Thanks.