May 30, 2010

Regina Jose Galindo - Obras

Todos estamos muriendo - 2000

Quién puede borrar las huellas - 2003

Vertigo - 2005

Recorte por la línea - 2005

Isla - 2006

Camisa de Fuerza - 2006

Yesoterapia - 2006

Limpieza Social - 2006

Un espejo para la pequeña muerte - 2006

Peso - 2006

Mientras, ellos siguen libres - 2007

Reconocimiento de un cuerpo - 2008

America's Family Prison - 2008

Crisis sangre - 2009

Libertad Condicional - 2009

Regina Jose Galindo is a Guatemalan young artist that uses her body as a media for the transmutation of the human condition (enslaved in a political and sociological environment) in concrete metaphors that question the viewer (the scoptophile since she's often naked, raising a collision between desire and repulsion). I consider she's doing what Lyzane Potvin (see here) is doing with painting and photograph. They are of the same generation and this shows how art is still growing towards more and more mature activism. Personally, I deeply feel myself in empathy with the work of this artist. More to see on her site here.

May 29, 2010

Various - Desperate landscapes

Death inviting itself at my table via Juhani Palomäki (guitarist of the Finnish doom bands Yearning and Colosseum), via the (only) friend of my father and via a melancholic state of mind, here above are some desperate landscapes which I gathered over the last months. Photographs are not professional ones for most of them and not cited. If they want me to remove their image, just tell in the comments. I want to tell them that they did a great work here since they make these landscapes have metaphoric and metaphysical qualities to make us feel the sad but transcendental dimension of death. They must be thanked for that.

May 26, 2010

Christian Peter - Pregnant

Another splendid series from Christian Peter who offer some unusual visions of pregnancy (the last one is not totally relevant but it's my way to do some black humor). Really, this artist distillate a rare energy whatever his models. And it seems that he does not manipulate them in a fetish way but leaves them the freedom to express their inside fantasy. I'm not sure but it's the way I feel his work. Once again, go to see more on his site here.

May 25, 2010

Beth Ditto on stage

Today's post is dedicated to Beth Ditto, singer lyricist and stage devi(dol)l from Gossip. They play tonight in Paris (where I live) but I can't be there (concert's full). I saw her 6 months ago in a smaller place than the Zenith and it was really a great evening and a thrilling live and life experience. Scoptophilia is the pleasure to look and being at a Gossip gig participates of this pleasure. Her body curves and her gestual raise the most ancient of our fascination (male one) for the matri magnae, the great female personification. Above, some stage pictures I gathered from here and then. She's less unclothed in concerts now that she used to be I think. I suppose she will less and less do it because this is the usual evolution in one's life and in particular when success comes (but not only, many art performers stopped nudity with age) but even fully clothed she stays a female wizard. Below, the Venus of Willedorf (you can see in Vienna) that our ancestors did in honour of the beauty of woman. And don't come bullshitting with your obesity talk.