May 25, 2010

Beth Ditto on stage

Today's post is dedicated to Beth Ditto, singer lyricist and stage devi(dol)l from Gossip. They play tonight in Paris (where I live) but I can't be there (concert's full). I saw her 6 months ago in a smaller place than the Zenith and it was really a great evening and a thrilling live and life experience. Scoptophilia is the pleasure to look and being at a Gossip gig participates of this pleasure. Her body curves and her gestual raise the most ancient of our fascination (male one) for the matri magnae, the great female personification. Above, some stage pictures I gathered from here and then. She's less unclothed in concerts now that she used to be I think. I suppose she will less and less do it because this is the usual evolution in one's life and in particular when success comes (but not only, many art performers stopped nudity with age) but even fully clothed she stays a female wizard. Below, the Venus of Willedorf (you can see in Vienna) that our ancestors did in honour of the beauty of woman. And don't come bullshitting with your obesity talk.

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