May 22, 2010

Lyzane Potvin - Cafardeuse

Lyzane Potvin is my favorite living painter; I got the privilege to meet her when she lived in Paris (she's from Quebec) and the greater privilege to write some texts for her (eg. here but also for her expositions) and that she did some drawings for a common book project (still to born). Here a recent series (from 2008) called "Cadardeuses" (in French, to have the blues and bugs have the same name) she exposed in the Paris. It was a time I had some money and I was able to buy one of them (the first one, but my fave is the 3rd one). I know that it's supposed to be a photographic blog but Lyzane paints on the pictures she took of herself (she's the "model") and I consider it to be photopainting. The black holes you see are done by a blowtorch, a rather violent way to modify her own image but I understand it very much and sometimes I would like to do the same directly on me. I encourage you to go on her myspace here and if you have some money to invest, to buy her one painting (you can find her fantastic series called "Les Pêchés Capitaux" ("Deadly Sins") in the gallery Trafic here where she exposes when in Paris. This will be something like supporting Daumier or van Gogh in the XIXth century.

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