May 17, 2010

Markus Scholzt - Wilshire Trails

And now something completely different, and less heavy. I'm not a feeteshist but I'm often troubled by a woman bare feet. There's something of her intimacy exposed and if her feet are nice (many different kind of feet can be considered as nice and everyone has his/her own preferences), there's something very sexual that send shivers in my spine. I also find very touching men who photograph the feet of their beloved one. It's like a cult for their queen. Unfortunately, few succeed to do something visually interesting. This is the case of this guy, Markus Scholzt, not a professional photographer although he posts a lot of pictures on Deviant Art (see here). I really appreciate his series called Wilshire Trails in which I chose my fave ones to post above. I must say they are real visual companions of mine since last year. To love the feet of the woman you love is one of the most romantic thing you can do in your loving life men.

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