June 27, 2010

Laurent Benaim - Bodies

A first series of shoots by a French photograph called Laurent Benaïm that a closed friend opened my eyes on. I don't adhere to everything but his technique (gum) and his crude approach of bodies (here) and sex (in a later post) are very fascinating. I chose a non-sexual and non-fetichist selection here but most of his pictures are showing pornographic scenes involving people evidently practicing for their excitation and not being manipulated models. Sometimes, this is this lack of love dimension in these sex scenes that are rather sad and miserable. When the body is only meat in which we introduce our hands, our sexes, objects or anything else, when the flesh seems here only to be tortured and salvaged. I'm maybe too romantic. You can have a look to his work here.

June 25, 2010

Tony Ward - Scenes

The Tony Ward scenography is totally amazing and, although the world he describes doesn't interest me much (a world in which sex is an ordinary occupation, models with "dissolute lifes" as say narrow-minded), I can't deny that there is something of the decadence flavor in it that pleases me a lot, and a Luis Bunuel atmosphere in some "agencements" that is quite jubilatory. More from this sulfurous artist here.

June 24, 2010

Todd Hido - Landscapes

Some wonderfull landscapes by a photograph able to transform reality in a sort of metaphysical metaphor of life. His nocturnal, foggy and rainy landscapes are not less mysterious and gorgeous than could be paintings from old masters.Go to see more of this fantastic artist here.

June 23, 2010

Stephanie from Tinsel Teeth - On stage

A series of pictures of Stephanie, the lead shouter of Tinsel Teeth, a great "noise" band. Seeing her on stage (at least on video for me) is to discover a whole new way of being a singer. It's totally moving, both funny and frightening, thrilling and moving, exciting and unsane. Although pictures can't make us feel the crazy vibration of Stephanie's wounded and tortured body, it's strong enough to raise scoptophilia in us. Long live Stephanie. And buy their last LP, it's stunning. Their myspace here.