June 5, 2010

Aeric Meredith-Goujon - Bodyspring

I am not very fond of erotic pictures. Most of them seem to me less exciting that commercial pornographic ones and only hypocrite manierism. Even the photographs considered as the masters of the genre annoy me. It is not the case of this 40 yr old US photograph who completely succeeds in capturing the body in various sexual games as a landscape pleasant and exciting to look at. And his models never seem to be objects but they participate actively in the action with a rare natural. I chose the common name of Bodyspring for this series in reference to "headspring" that means "source" or "fountain". This is all the more appropriate that pee is here quite watery, models having surely drink a lot before the seance. And don't forget that pee is sterile, much more than saliva for example. I'll post more from this artist, on other themas as transgressive as this one. You can check his whole work here.

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