June 13, 2010

LazLo - Les douces et les enivrantes

Another example of erotic pictures I like. There is flesh and secretion here, and colour too, and no emphatic ritual full of codes and behavioral obligations. LazLo is quite young it seems, and French maybe. It is not clear on his site here. If you're interested (and have enough money to buy him some of these splendid ones posted above) you'll find his contact on the site. Meanwhile, these pictures tell us that the contacts of muscles (tongues) and skin, the exchange of saliva and whatever our body secretes, the explorations of our reciprocal insides, are glorious and proud occupations in this world of vileness, greed and disgust.

1 comment:

  1. magnifiquement bandant surtout la dernière
    le goût de l'autre, c'est toute la vie