June 9, 2010

Various - Woman and pig symbolism

The symbolism of the woman and the pig is constant through the last century from Felicien Rops (the first to my knowledge, in 1896, the first shot at the top of this series) to Lyzane Potvin 3 years ago (the last shot of the series) through ads (Naf Naf), LP covers (Linda Ronstadt), anti-meat actions etc. There are two major opposite semantics in this symbolism. The first is the metaphor of the male as a pig, the second the metaphor of the woman as a pig. Strangely, men have not the sincerity to show women as pigs and it has been mainly feminists that took this imagery in public. But you can find this in X movies of course. The first metaphoric sense is more common but once again, the hypocrisy is that the pigs are always cute and not ugly and repulsive. There is a book to write about it. More to come in the future but I got no more in my bag.

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