July 7, 2010

AZsacra Zarathustra - Various works

Under this pseudo-name is a man that I must admit to find quite embarassing with his (a little ridiculous) cult to Mishima, Nietzsche and Antonin Artaud mixed with an occultist imagery not without similarities with the worst of the Nazi one. Being a great amateur of Nietzsche and Artaud, I think they are often used to serve nauseous philosophy. But I don't want to accuse this Russian multi-activities man cos' I never read what he wrote and if I post his visual work here is because I can't help to find it quite fascinating (he could have been the visual guy for Laibach and several indus bands in the 80's) and involving (probably) his daughter and his wife (+ other adept women) finally suppress the heavyness of the symbolism. If you want to see more, go here. If you read Russian, you'll be able to see if I'm wrong or right to be a little embarassed. I tried to put the pictures in a similar chronological order, from the conception of the child to her transformation in a young girl (with some murders of course).

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