July 28, 2010

Juergen Teller - The Louvre with Charlotte Rampling & Raquel Zimmermann naked

Another famous recent shot by Juergen Teller who took with him the great Charlotte Rampling and the fashion model Raquel Zimmermann (nothing to do with Robert) in the Louvre, and picture side by side their naked bodies and some paintings or sculptures. The effect is rather thrilling. Nothing erotic or exciting here, just the naked truth of human body, female here cos' actually most of the artist of the past were devoted to it (must I say her?). They seem so fragile it's really a touching series You can find a conversation with Juergen Teller about this project here. I decided to focus on the large picture cos' I was feeling that there was a kind of euphemism in the distance between the camera and the bodies. But being closer makes the pictures losing some of their semantic so I posted both. You make your choice. Charlotte Rampling must be thanked to help doing that, women to be proud of their body throughout the ages.

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  1. I am curious, what makes these photos great. Is it because they were taken by Teller, or that they were taken at the Louvre, or that he has two nude super models. The thing that jumps out at me is that none of them are straight. I know sometimes angling a shot is done for artistic purposes, but I do not think this was the case for these. It is normal, if you are not paying attention, to hold the camera at an angle. Given the opportunity to shoot where he did, what he did, with whom he shot they should have been better. But then, he is the world famous photographer.