July 29, 2010

Various - Rom children

Here are the new enemies of the French government. Yes, after arabs, blacks, now are the roms. Not so confortable to be French these days. Feel ashamed to have at the head of the country such a bunch of populist bastards, friends of fortunates and enemies of all those who have nothing or not much. Hope they'll be washed out soon, even if we put a horse as president (as said John Lee Hooker speaking of Republicans, and ready to vote for a horse if it was the Democrat candidate) to replace them. And French, what a bunch of tartuf(f)es: they listen and buy gipsy music (or fake one such as the pathetic songs of Thomas Dutronc) but let their government treat them out as rabid foxes. Some of the pictures above were taken from this blog here. And for French who want to know more about the vast terminology of non sedentary people, you can find all there. I wanna think that the first pic is the answer to this band of villains that have taken our country by strategy 3 years ago.

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