August 29, 2010

Jam Montoya - Sanctorum (2003)

The more I get old (and I becoming really old, quite a bad surprise) the more I hate any idea of god and religion. Although I collect religious objects throughout the places I go, nothing to do with an oecumenical inclination, just a strange fascination of the ancient mystic I was. So, the series of the fantastic Spanish artist Jam Montoya, is for me a palatable visual brew and the fact it was so much condemned when exposed is a proof it carries the necessary blasphemous content it intended to. And moreover, the pictures are exciting, much more than the amount of sexy or porno cliches posted everywhere on the spiderless web. More from this great artist here.

David Atkinson - Erotic portraits

A little scoptophilian post for this sunday without sun (at least here). These pictures are sometimes totally reworked digitally but they're still pictures. And their erotic power works for me (but this is so idiosyncrasic to be touched or not by so-called erotic pictures) even if David Atkinson's representation of woman's body is quite conformist (why women sex had to be systematically hairless? Why prepubertal looking women sex is the rule in erotism and pornography?). You can see more (and free downloading, it's not so frequent) here.

August 28, 2010

Julien Claessens - Portraits

Julien Claessens is a French photograph more famous for taking fashion shots and honestly fashion pictures make me sleep awake, but his portraits have something special, a ghostly atmosphere that is not common. Haunting for sure. More on his site here.

August 27, 2010

April Flores - The Milk Session

If I post this session tonight, it's because it's relevant to something I must do to win some money, but it's also because April drinks milk as nobody else and that her pleasure to be is communicative. And I really need something like that tonight. More feeding than milk (actually I don't like milk).

August 26, 2010

Marilyn Monroe - Beach Session

Summer's over. Time to go back to work. This fine series of a young Marilyn before the disaster to say goodbye to the beach. You can clic on them, they are scanned in high resolution (not by me but by this site here.