August 23, 2010

Paintball - The ultimate degenerate game

If I had to cite the most stupid, pathetic, idiot, unsane and degenerate game ever played on this shitty planet, without hesitation, before corrida or real hunting, I would say paintball. To have pleasure in mimicking real war situations with colored balls is something that really makes me want to take a real gun to show these dickheads what's real death is (by chance, some of them really die during these rainbow warrior games). Here's a selection of pictures telling more about the dumb dimension of this so-called game, than all the insults I could write with my poor English (in French, I would be more efficient). The worst is to see how they initiate children to this so-called game. And the sex imagery is consistent with the military concept of women. Even bikers seem aesthetes compared to this bullshit iconography.


  1. Hey thanks! I play paintball and love the sport! I was just looking for some paintball porn and you got it all in one spot. Thanks a lot!

  2. You suck you French pussy. Grow a set and pick up a paintball gun and give it a try. It might help comtrol your urge to really kill as if you had the balls. Pussy.

  3. Every comment of the sort is like a confirmation of what I say in the text. Go on, you're shooting a paintball in your feet. Unfortunately, you still can walk after all. Without French dumb asshole, you'd still be an English colony. And pussy is the place where you come from. So shut the fuck up and go play with your brainless paintball friends.