September 30, 2010

Bill Henson - Oceanscapes

Bill Henson, an Australian photograph, is more famous (and controversary) because of his hundred of pictures of naked adolescents drinking, hanging around or making love on ghostly nocturnal seashores (I'll post my faves one day) than for his landscapes, but these "oceanscapes", with or without ships, are purely magical, and fit well with my evening mood. So I don't imagine better to post.

September 29, 2010

Ashley Savage - Portraits

No comment. Everybody's beautiful. It depends on other criteria than the poor ones edicted by the mass. Any body norm is fascist. These portraits were taken with the will of models to be pictured as they wanted to pose, not to be the toy of the photograph. Actually, I'm not sure of the name of the photograph and I don't find where I caught her work on the net. Doesn't matter. I'm sure of what I wrote above. I read it when I was on her site. Sorry. I did a comment.

September 28, 2010

Various - Women and oven

After pigs and birds of prey, I chose the oven to illustrate the myth of the kitchen so tightly associated with the woman's condition. As you see, from the erotic imagery of the sexy cooker to the macabre suicide use, it's a rather versatile tool in photography. And once again eros & thanatos bounded for eternity. What's missing maybe, is the sexual use of the kitchen, but strangely, I did not find anything of value about it. But if you surf on the sex sites, you'll find hundred of it. That's not the aim of this blog even if I don't have any moral judgement on it.

September 27, 2010

Jodey - Self portraits

Jodey is an American woman who questions what is to be fat in photographing herself in many various poses. Here's a first series, on a black background, and in black & white. I selected the shots I prefer but someone else would have chosen other ones I'm sure. There are other series with a more desperate flavor but I wanted to begin with this one, mixing erotic gestures, irony and relective humor. I don't add the link to her gallery since I would like to present the rest of her work here, step by step, in the further weeks. The question of the aesthetic judgement of fat bodies is a one that interests me more and more with time. Surely because of the high prevalence of obesity that should lead to a drastic change of body shape rules if things were evolving normally. But trust the medical world to win load of money in selling weight-loss methods for the better (rarely) or for worst (most of the time).

September 25, 2010

Various - Drink Drank Drunk (2)



A second series of pictures by various photographs (male or female) inspired by women who drink, who drank or who are drunk. Something's fascinating for men to look at women drinking or drunk. Not that this lessens the respect we got for them. Not at all. They even seem more untouchable and divine to be able to stay so wonderfull when they are so destroyed by alcohol when us, men, look so miserable. But this is only when we are not children and they are not our mum. And this is what separate these artistic representation from reality.