September 15, 2010

Daniela Edburg - Remains of the Day

I could have included the series in yesterday's post, but since Daniela Edburg, a 35 yrs US photograph, has a very singular style and spends almost all her talent to show women (and even young kids) dying or freshly dead, I decided to give her a complete post. She does that with a kind of kitsch imagery (look at the bowels, they are like pillows) that gives to her shots a very healthy feeling although they depicts women cadavers. A sort of artistic exorcism to keep away the spectre of murder. She's very good at it. Many could have been used as cover sleeves for rock albums (hipgnosis period). Her other series are almost as good. Enjoy her site here. And don't forget in the posts (this or previous) to click on the pictures to see them full size, they're much more impressive.

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