September 27, 2010

Jodey - Self portraits

Jodey is an American woman who questions what is to be fat in photographing herself in many various poses. Here's a first series, on a black background, and in black & white. I selected the shots I prefer but someone else would have chosen other ones I'm sure. There are other series with a more desperate flavor but I wanted to begin with this one, mixing erotic gestures, irony and relective humor. I don't add the link to her gallery since I would like to present the rest of her work here, step by step, in the further weeks. The question of the aesthetic judgement of fat bodies is a one that interests me more and more with time. Surely because of the high prevalence of obesity that should lead to a drastic change of body shape rules if things were evolving normally. But trust the medical world to win load of money in selling weight-loss methods for the better (rarely) or for worst (most of the time).

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