October 30, 2010

LazLo - Les outrageuses

Another series from LazLo, rather extreme shots but how nice to look at. An energy that is quite rare in the photographic world. An ode to sex and pee. Remember the previous series here and his site there.

October 29, 2010

Liz Buckingham (from Electric Wizard)

Back from an Electric Wizard set, difficult to do anything else than to post here some pictures of the iconest of all female doomster of the history: Liz Buckingham. She is really fascinating of calm and beauty on stage. A perfect countrepoint for the rather testosteronic climax of the band music and show. A little hommage to her tonight.

Mories - Gnaw Their Tongues & other artworks

Mories is the man behind Gnaw Their Tongues, Aderlating or De Magia Veterum (between dark metal and symphonic drone), and moreover does all the artwork of his 7", EP or LP, and it's so good and disturbing I decided to compile some of them here. Not the cover sleeves to be sold in your usual record store, but who goes in a record store today? I don't anymore. Don't look at this before going to bed, I can't promise a nightmareless night.

October 27, 2010

Various - Red witches

2 days before going to see Electric Wizard in their annual black mess in Paris (some call that a concert but not with the wizard), nothing better to post that 2 red witches. I don't know the photographer of the 1st (3 first pix) but the second is photographed by Richard Rasner, the man who took the pictures of catwoman here and there. Red colour fits well these nice witches.

October 26, 2010

Suicide - Some more variations

No more to add. A kind of conjuration of a personal temptation to put an end to life. The model of the 2 last pictures is Coralie Trin Thi. Hello to her.