October 13, 2010

Catwoman - Foreclosure (and more dirty pics)

The model of the previous post was Catwoman. Here she is again, pictured in the 3 first pics (Foreclosure) by a guy that call himself =Seventhknight, not an easy name to remember and cite actually. But the important is Catwoman. Few, very few, are pictures which provide a true political, in the best sense of the word, message about how the world is (not) going. This is the case here on these some shots. I leave the keyboard to Catwoman (as copied on DeviantArt). "Done on one of the rainiest days of that year, I headed out with =Seventhknight into his neighborhood. Inspired by tent cities and the hundreds of foreclosed houses that dot planned communities, I felt like bringing light to this, not just for California but for our nation. I only regret the delay of the TFCD, but the housing crisis remains much of the same, if not worse. This was done during a very very dark time of my life on a personal level. As said, doing a photoshoot when you are in a dark/bad mood always will show up on camera. In this case, it fit perfectly. Our timing for the day we chose was perfect as the rain was really coming down. I think that the saddest part of the whole thing is how the foreclosed properties have to be dealt with. People leave everything from TVs and computers to scrapbooks and cherished childhood items. One person even left behind an urn containing crematory remains! My prom dress, having been victim to other bloodied and dirty photoshoots in the past, was in the perfect tattered condition. For those with a keen eye, you will also notice that the ribbons used through this shoot have money printed on them. Broken prom dollie is broken". No more to add. THe other ones are very impressive too. More from Catwoman soon here. She usually poses for more back-to-nature and sensual shots. And don't forget to click on each picture to see them full size (is it necessary to sepcify?).

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