October 24, 2010

Grégoire Korganow - Père et fils (father & son)

A series that moves me a lot since it shows the carnal (in its unsexual sense) nature of the father and son relations. Most often, the imagery is the common and advertisement-inclined one of a young father with a baby or a very young child. Perfect bodies with the insinuation that later on, these bodies will have to stop their close relationship, when boys will be men. I always despised this vision of paternity and I'm proud to be physically as closed to my 16 yrs old son today that I was 15 yrs ago. And these pictures, although they miss something to be totally successfull in artistic terms, is a way to make change this conservative and retrograde vision (I begin to be fed up to write in English, with my so few vocabulary, about so important subjects. I think I will soon write in French, sorry for those visiting here from non-speaking countries). Often, in the above shots, the old father and his son precedes the picture of the latter with his own younger son. The photographer is a well-known French one, Gregoire Korganow, about whom you can find more here.

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