October 8, 2010

Larry Clark - Various

Impossible when you're French and you have a blog about photographs not to mention the stupid interdiction of the exposition of Larry Clark for visitors under 18 years. More than censorship, it's what we call the "pudibonderie" of politics, that probably hide their own sins behind this fake public moralism. Fed up of this accusation of paedophilia everytime you look at a picture of a naked child or teen. How many artists in the history of arts that would have been accused of such an inclination if they created today (Caravaggio would be in jail not for killing someone but for painting young boys naked). Worst of it, paedophilians are often in their fourties or more and not teenagers. Could these dumb arseholes, that have the power to decide what can be seen or not, use their brain sometimes? I take the opportunity here to declare that I never felt the beginning of an excitation looking at nubile bodies. I like mature bodies, with the shapes of women (since i'm an heterosexual) and not of little girls. And I accuse most of men that like so-called sexy women, to be hidden paedophilians, being excited by girls with boys anatomies. So censors, go to hell.

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