October 19, 2010

Patrick Dewaere - Série Noire (1979)

I've seen quite a lot of movies in my life. Particularily when I was between 12 and 30 yrs old. It was quite a long ago and "my kind of cinema" has little to do with the current one. But I can say I saw hundred and hundred of movies. And among them, the one living in me everyday of my life is Serie Noire with Patrick Dewaere. Patrick Dewaere was at the time my favorite actor so far, and is still now, 28 years after he killed himself with a gun. The greatest loss in all French cinema with the premature death of Jean Vigo I think. When I feel bad (often) he's the one I talk to in this place they call my head. Here I sorted the pictures from this incomparable movie (with dialogues from a great French writer, Georges Perec, a story driven from a Jim Thompson book, A hell of a woman, the best cinematographic adaptation this fantastic writer benefited) in the scenaristic order. To conclude, the director, Alain Corneau, died some months ago. He was married with Nadine Trintignant, the daughter of whom, Marie, played in this movie (it's her in the first pictures). She has been killed during a conjugal fight 7 years ago by Bertrant Cantat, the singer of a French rock band called Noir Désir. All is quite black yes. Sorry but it's, as usual, the colour of this evening.

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