October 12, 2010

Richard Rasner - Silhouettes

In these times of moralism hysteria, an ironic and transgressive way to hide what's prude and shows what's obscene. Bodies are wonderful landscapes. Remember censor bastards that indians made love with the ground. The model of this series is Catwoman (not her real name you'd bet) and I'll post many other shots she did herself. Some are thrillingly good and would horrify any of the narrow-minded that pollute our living present.


  1. its really nice sharing, i like it and i find it very interesting, keep it up


    best of luck

  2. Oh fine to have visitors from Pakistan. I sometimes forget the net is worldwide. Hope my choices are OK for you (I suppose not all, it would be surprising, we got all our own universe when it comes to aesthetic grounds). Thx for the encouragements.