October 18, 2010

Samuel Aaron Simmons - Best Friends Forever series

Don't know who is this photographer. Did not find anything on him on the whole net except these 3 pictures (+ one of pissing girl I'll post on this thema later on) but honestly this series (here the n° 6, 12 and 24 judging by their names) is incredibly violent and disturbing. This is what photography should be (although I like many other ways to do it as this blog likely shows). I would like the author (that signs under the name of druedmoon but I wrote his real name in the title) of these 3 shots to have a site and to put the rest of the series on the net. Thrilling. A perfect metaphor of our times. And the title of the series is totally terrific. Important to click on them to see full size since the effect is stunning.

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