November 30, 2010

Warflight - Sleepy time

I only found these two pictures of the so-called Warflight but they are so quietly suggesting rest in peace and sensuality I don't want to even try to find anything on the photographer. I'm too tired me too. And I'd like to be so sensual when I sleep. Link for more here.

November 28, 2010

Idly Twiglet - Mia's horror faces

An unusual way to picture his/her daughter. But the way did Idly Twiglet, an English photographer, with Mia, her daughter. She's done another series with her as Carrie that I'll post one day but this one is intriguing for the least. The link to her site's not working anymore unfortunately. The only link I can give is her deviantArt gallery here.

November 27, 2010

Theda Bara - The First Vamp

An hommage to the first vamp of modern times: Theodosia Burr Goodman aka Theda Bara, for Arab Death (1 century later, occident will create again the arab death menace via the terrorism but it will be for the military not the cinema industry). She will be a star between 1915 and 17 (in France, our ancestors were stuck in the mud of the trenches, they surely have missed her) but more importantly, she will be the most extreme and modern star to have been created by Hollywood as you can see above, with a character more relevant to the present doom and gothic marginal world than the mainstream Hollyworld. I dream one day a similar star will shine again.

November 26, 2010

Motherghost - Mask

A disturbing series of (only 5) pictures (the model is Mandy Apple, you can find her gallery here) that reminds me of Georges Franju, the French cineast. And also all the fantastic movies (the genre) of the sixties in France. The photographer is (self)called Mother Ghost but he's a male as it is attested on his site here. Don't forget to click on each picture to see them full screen. They're too small if looked only on the post.

November 25, 2010

Various - Nude with fire in the night

A naked body moving with fire in the night provides a kind of pleasant aesthetism with a strong symbolism content. Too long to explain here but in brief a feeling of freedom, of transgression, the door to any excess, mainly sexual but not only. An appetite for consumption. Yes, to burn life at each end as we say here. Various photographers and models, the first one (top of the series, being catwoman)

Justin Mortimer - Photo Collages

The way I feel. An horrified lost mind in a rubbish world full of nude cadavers. By Justin Mortimer. A great artist. From England. Some of his work (posted above) uses photography. But his paintings are strong (see here). Can't avoid thinking of Zoran Music. His site here. Perfect for tonight. A dark series I confess.

November 23, 2010

Cavazzola - Nude male body

His name is Cavazzola. I don't know anything about him. Nothing about him in his deviantArt gallery (here), no site, nothing. But the talent to provide the sensation of despair and solitude only with a (his?) nude male body. No many to succeed in that difficult exercise. I have these pictures in my collection for quite a long time now. But I was waiting for the moment I felt inside my head in the same mood that the one suggested by these pictures. It's the case tonight. Not particularly glad to be in that state but a good opportunity to show you this wonderful set.

November 22, 2010

Various - Women & skull

Hope my skull one day will be a decorative object for a sexy picture with a gorgeous woman. Happy deads whose skull were used on the ones above. That's all I can say tonight. Too shitty to hope anything else than my skull becoming a sexy toy. Various photographers. Forgot the name. Sorry for them.