November 15, 2010

Alan Pedroso - Nun Sense

Some blasphemy is always nice isn't it? Alan Pedroso is an American photographer that succeeds to mix sex and religion (mostly christian's) without being only on the sexcitation part of the domain (although I think it can be OK to only stimulate our lust and libido with images, don't get me wrong). There is often a political content but grotesque enough to be funny and not "sentencious" (don't know if the meaning is similar in English and in French but I don't verify). Here his deviantArt gallery, there a port he seems to manage. A jubilatory insult to religion.


  1. the only good one is the nun gagged under the crucifix. the first few shots look like stereotypical porn with costumes, and the other interesting ones are interesting concepts with poor execution. the lighting on the pregnancy one is terrible. the miscarriage one is kind of ok but something just seems off...maybe the edge of the window? the praying one would be really pretty w/o the mousetraps.

    anyway in a series of photos theres usually only a few excellent ones and the one under the crucifix is excellent.

  2. Rather agree with you but I don't dislike the cheap porno imagery personally, I find there is a sort of freshness that sometimes makes the picture more time-endurant than many arty shots. This is my guilty pleasure. And guilt and religion walk hand in hand. So, I quite like Alan Pedroso's universe.