November 11, 2010

Raven Starblood - Full body blood

This New Zealand goth girl (sometimes calling herself BlOOdBathory or StarblOOd) seems to be quite obsessed by her body and by her blOOd (to write it like she does). So she took some series of pictures with her real blood (not fake) covering her body in her shower. This is my fave series I chose to post here. I don't mean these pictures have great artistic quality by themselves but who care since I find them interesting and even quite exciting. If it was not her blood I suppose they would be less fascinating (although she can say what she wants and use fake blood but I prefer to believe she tells the truth). There is more from her, with blood too, but more unsane still, that I'll post later on this blog. Meanwhile she has 2 galleries on deviantArt, one of them is here. And I found a site there.

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