November 25, 2010

Various - Nude with fire in the night

A naked body moving with fire in the night provides a kind of pleasant aesthetism with a strong symbolism content. Too long to explain here but in brief a feeling of freedom, of transgression, the door to any excess, mainly sexual but not only. An appetite for consumption. Yes, to burn life at each end as we say here. Various photographers and models, the first one (top of the series, being catwoman)


  1. Beautiful....I know a group of nudists that dance around a fire in Cuncuri rituals (the ancient spiritual ritual of Kalahari tribespeople in South Africa), and a number of Wiccan covens and Druid groups celebrate sabats in similar ceremonies...As they told me, the practice is "primal, liberating, invigorating, and highly erotic"...

  2. Yes, I think the catharsis might be quite a thing and the sensuality extreme. Thx for the comment