December 13, 2010

Jean Harlow - The First Platinum Blonde

Before Marilyn Monroe, there was Jean Harlow. A platinum blonde too, but a quite different personality actually. This is the first series I'll post. Showing her 2 faces, the glamorous one, maybe a little too much, and the girl, working, who seems quite the girl next door. The second will be a fascinating session where she was pictured nude in a stone and river landscapes. Moreover, she was really a nice actress and she did some very good movies. A woman not to forget. She died very young (at 26) partly due to her tyranic god-fanatic mother. An hommage to her incredible modernity. Click on pictures to see them full size.

1 comment:

  1. A wonderful actress - she was a delight in "Dinner at Eight". Don't forget to post that series of nudes.