December 18, 2010

Jean Rollin - A small hommage

Jean Rollin died recently. I was not a total amateur of his filmography but he sure was one of the rare symbolist poet of the cinema, and his films will surely be seen again and again, when all the so-called masterpieces à-la-David Lynch or Tim Burton will be considered as the example of how bad kitsch can be considered as great art during some periods of history (the art history is full of such examples). He created a singular iconography, and his amateurish approach of everything is what linked him so affectionnately to those who like his work. It's like they also had a creative role in compensating his weaknesses and finishing his work. As always, France and most of French movie fans, never gave a shit of him, but they did the same with great artists such as Luc Moullet, Jacques Rozier, Jean Eustache and even Jean Luc Godard (but it's true he is Swiss). Rest in the peace of your nude vampire girls Mr Rollin, you deserve it. Moreover, you were a real scoptophilian. You can find all his films here, the best place to get them in great quality and cheap. Trust me.

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