December 4, 2010

Susanne Junker - Figures for the base of a crucifixion

After some days off cos' too much work at job, back to blog. With the great Susanne Junker (a 37 yrs old German former top model), an artist knowing how to talk about woman condition without falling in this stupid narrow-minded and neo-Stalinian feminism that, all around the world, always takes the problems by the wrong ends and contributes to pollute more than anything a true feminism fight. This series is dedicated to Olympes de Gouges, who fought for women during the French revolution, and who was beheaded cos' this revolution had thought about the man's right but actually quite forgot the women's one (here a text about it, sorry it's in French). Go to see the Susanne Junker site here. Strange that there is no news in it since 2008. Where is she?

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