December 25, 2010

Various- Drink Drank Drunk (3)

If you're alone at Xmas, don't drink too much girls. You're still nice but it can become dangerous for your health, and even for your life. One more series around the aesthetics of drunk girls. A rather nihilistic and despaired way to do it in this one. And always this sexual underlying climax for men who look at drunk girls, just as if here they feel that there is not any risk to be refused, avoided, insulted, mocked and that they are free to do everything they want, satisfy their phantasms. It's not the case for girls seeing drunk men since they won't be generally able to be stiff enough to do anything sexually. But actually, men have not any erotic potential for women. However, the sexuality inspired by drunk women is of the lowest category in humankind evolution, not far from rape since not truly acceptated by girls. It's in this kind of analyses we can feel our civilised program is quite unfinished and fragile. So, don't be drunk when males are around girls, it's also quite risky. To note that some of these pictures are self-portraits. And most I think are not real drunkeness.

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