January 31, 2011

Various - Male desire

Some variations around the male desire. Most were surely not shot for any semantic or artistic background but who care, they all tell something about this force who can invade a man's mind and make him do anything to satisfy his sexual need, even humiliates himself, even kills the one he loves, as said Oscar Wilde. Not such a thing here, just various ways to show it without any prudery. I particularly like the last one.

January 30, 2011

Thomas "Herr" Buchta - Various

Some more disturbing shots about sex confusion by Thomas Buchta. The Jan Saudek influence is less patent here than on the previous series (see there) and the provocative dimension full of energy and jubilation. What we need on a sad (no)sunday mo(u)rning.

January 29, 2011

Alison Scarpulla - The Skull series

What can I say except that Alison Scarpulla is a great artist? I don't see much to add. The world she creates with photography is simply full of magic, mystery, bringing back the special relation we have, as children, with death, a sort of distant friend we would like to meet. And with age, this friendship's here again, and this apparently childish imagery becomes relevant again, like if adulthood was only brackets in our existence. This skull series is only a small part of the talent of this English photograph (see more of her here or there). Finally, my present opinion is that painting fails to reach this in-depth quality. From me, it's quite unexpected since I've been a painting lover for the last 40 years (discovered Corot and Rembrandt when I was 12, never stopped to explore this art since). But artist like Alison Scarpulla make me doubt.

Various - Revolution

Some more variations around revolution to celebrate the hot night of the Egyptian people. Still a little bit of street walk and this iniquitous power will fall.

January 28, 2011

Masterciel - Support of theTunisian revolution in Paris

What else tonight, while Egyptians do theirs too, to celebrate the Tunisian one with these pictures taken by a French photographer called Masterciel. The whole series here. Go on people, we can do it. La Boetie told it long ago, we are under the tyranny of power by our own will.

January 27, 2011

Erin Wilson aka Analog Asylum

I chose these pictures first for the model of the first ones, who is Stella Dean (her deviantArt page here) but Erin Wilson, aka Analog Asylum is an interesting photograph and I find that this US native has an eastern (Russian) approach of photography. Her page here. Stella Dean, wrote in the below comment she's in some of these pictures.