January 18, 2011

David Samson - Pet woman

David Samson is an Israelite photographer providing a strong iconography of women humiliated, violated, tied, used, sold, packed in the corner of a room and finally killed (not in this series). Often pushing the boundaries to the limit of what is acceptable to see, offering an imagery that can shock or excite according to your representation of women (and sometimes both), he is always intriguing and interesting. Except when he does his usual bondage stuff, since honestly seeing women tied in every position with legs wide open, doesn't seem to me the quintessence of the scoptohiliac pleasure and tends toward an objectisation of woman bodies that is not without annoying me. But whatever, the series I chose is about make a domestic slave of a woman and carries a great deal of semantic notably regarding the money value of flesh. If you want to know more, visit his deviantArt page here, his site seems to be off by now. Click absolutely on the pictures, they deserve to be seen full size.

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