January 3, 2011

Max Sauco - The dog & seagulls series

Max Sauco is a Russian artist using photography as a tool for digital manipulation in order to create a symbolistic universe very inspired by surrealism (Salvador Dali, Max Ernst...) but maybe also by the Hipgnosis visuals for rock records during the seventies. Most of the symbolic contents are quite enigmatic (at least to me) but most of these oeuvres are very strong. Here I begin with the series featuring seagulls (and a dog) since the first was one of my fave picture during months and I did not know who was the author. Now I know and I'm glad to see than this was made by a talented one. I don't adhere to all of the backgrounds of his cliches but I can't deny he is one important artist of our times. More to come. And if you don't want to wait, his site here. Don't forget to click on the pictures of this post to see them full size. It's much more impressive.

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