January 6, 2011

Nirrimi Joy Firebrace Hakanson - I wish I was skinny

Nirrimi Joy Firebrace Hakanson aka nez-rox is a 16 yrs old girl taking pictures (deviantArt gallery here) with sometimes a thema such as this one, about a little girl (her cousin) who seems to envy the skinny silhouette of some women models (Barbie or mag ones). I'll post some more about skinny and anorexic bodies later cos' I realize this subject does not feature in the archives of this blog. I must admit that personally, my taste goes toward curved bodies (you may have noticed), some may call them big or fat I don't care. At least for women since for men I'm more inclined to like lean shapes. But this blog is not a way to show my own conception of normality but to look at the prodigious variety of bodies and to find that beauty or emotion is in all kinds of "flesh geometry". However, I think there's a pressure for leaness that is quite a crime in our societies for the last 40 years (I'd said since Twiggy in the 60's).

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