January 20, 2011

A non mouse - Seventies cliches scanned

Under this strange name is an anonymous photographer, or at least someone who took lots of pictures of the girl who shared his life in the seventies, and who scanned them and posted them on deviantArt. And this is absolutely fascinating and moving to see these intimate scenes full of tender erotism, and to imagine that now this girl is surely about 60 yrs old and he's surely the same age or older. There is a ghost quality in these pictures that dilutes our look in something quite undescriptable. Time makes these finally common pictures, art objects of a greater value than most of the artistic shots of today. Something to think about but first to look at in trying not to cry in revisitingto our own beloved past. One of the most moving series since the beginning of this blog. I kept some cliches of another girl (the girl of a friend) for a later post.

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