January 24, 2011

Raven Starblood - The skull dolly series

Once again my dear Raven Starblood with a totally different style than her bloody and macabre one. A sort of Tim Burton universe (although I dont' taste him much). Wherever she is, I hope she's fine. And hope we'll have more pictures from her. Here her last news "Just went to the doctor and was told my diabetes is "out of control" and "97% in the danger zone", so I have now been put on insulin and told nothing else can help me now. They think it could be Adult onset type 1 though instead of type 2, which might explain why after only a year I'm so sick...but either way I am now insulin dependent and am actually gearing myself up for my first injection in an hour (scared)"


  1. Hey! What a cool feature- I don't think I knew about this....I didn't think I had any reason to take more photos but this has given me an urge to do more, thanks so much! If you like you can email me at starbl00d@live.com, to keep in touch...and also more photos are here: http://s932.photobucket.com/albums/ad170/Raven-Portfolio/ and you can take from there for this if you like, and then remove this comment too if you want :-)

  2. No way I would remove this comment. I'm too proud that you came here to put a comment. Really there's something touching me very deeply in your work (since I consider it an artistic work in the full sense of the term, and you can see in this blog that there are a lot of well-known photographs represented). I don't want to bother you with mails. I just wish your health would be fine again. And do more yes. I must not be the only one to cherish your imagery. Thxs for the link. I'll celebrate your coming here with a 7th series soon (I think you're the one with the greatest number of posts in this blog).

  3. Yes, I saw that and I was really flattered! I have done 3 more photosets- a Spider Queen set, a Divided set, and a bloody Satanic looking set. The photos still need a bit of touching up but I'll upload them to my photobucket so you can have a look and choose whatever you like