January 5, 2011

Tommaso Ausili - The hidden death

The Italian photograph Tommaso Ausili won the Sony World Photography Award in 2010 for his series on slaughterhouses called The Hidden Death. Many found this to be a sort of testimony of the cruelty done to animals but honestly I don't find. It must be said that long ago I worked in a slaughterhouse to get some money to live, I was in my late teens, and if later on I became vegan, it's only because of philosophical (killing to live is a bad principle) and economical (eating proteins via meat is a disaster for the world) reasons, not because I found awful what I saw (and did) in this slaughterhouse. However, I didn't read interviews of this photograph, so I son't know what is his message (if he got one, I hope he doesn't finally) but it's true these pictures are powerful. Sorry for the small size of most of them but it seems there is a strong legal barrier to preclude any post on internet of better quality ones. Killing animals must allow to make win money not only to butchers of course.

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