January 15, 2011

Various - Women & skull (2)

What else to hope dear brother males, than to finish as a skull in the hands of a woman? Tonight, I don't see any. They give us life though their sex, they make our skull look sexy. Another hommage via this thema by various sources, pictures or movies. And I'm sure there'll be more.


  1. Could you please either REMOVE or bother to credit me for this photograph: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6RCkLmrszz8/TTIEh8VY_GI/AAAAAAAAJVg/Xrp9UeB1aTM/s400/8554243728f6638ddab9844bbc6d06e5.jpg

    It is extremely upsetting to see someone take my work and use it without credit. You wouldn't imagine the amount of work and money that went into this piece. Please give credit to Anna Swiczeniuk and link the item to http://aiko273.co.uk

  2. OK. It's removed. What I think is upsetting is your accusation of me "taking" your work as if I was stealing it. What a stupid way to see posts in non-commercial blogs! Pathetic. You're from another century. I doubt you make these comments on all the tumblr blogs posting plenty of pix without any authorization. Usually I give the credit of the author (if you had the curiosity to look at this blog) but I also post some thematic series without authors names cos' the notion of authors seems to me not fitting in these series. However, the name can be seen when the mouse is on it. And after all I don't care. I will take care to never post anything from you, I promise. I receive nice comments from some photographs. THey don't accuse me to steal their work. THey must live on another planet than yours.