January 12, 2011

Yes sex is good for everyone Ms Bachelot

Our ex-health minister, now minister of social affairs and solidarity (what a joke) Roselyne "Chickenhead" Bachelot recenty said about the reimbursement of sex assistants for providing sexual pleasure to handicapped "I won't do a thing like that" (un truc pareil). And she added in a radio interview "would you like your daughter to do such a job?". The radio interviewer said "yes" so she was sounding dumb as ass. Yes Ms Bachelot, sex is good for, and maybe with, handicapped (or must we say disabled in English?) and the good news is that there is now a porn market with handicapped models, one of them becoming a sort of celebrity (surely becaude he's so smart boy: Josito, the young one on the first series of pictures, his site here). There is porn site calledRaw Handicap Sex from which these pictures driven, a money cashing one of course but they are all, and after all it's a good news that handicapped bodies can become the fantasmatic subject of sexual excitation, whatever the reason is. Here's for you Ms Bachelot. You can subscribe here if you want to be sure that's a good thing to support.

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