February 28, 2011

Jan Hronsky - Various

Jan Hronsly is a prolific Czech photographer. Don't like all he does, most of it is not my cuppa tea, but there are some shots full of colour and energy, what I need that tonight after a never ending working day. And a way to show the cover of one of the most crucial LP of rock history. You can see more from him here or there. And click on the pix please to see them fs.

February 27, 2011

A sunday dream when you must work all day to finish a damned project you'll sure it won't be accepted. We've got only one life and we're losing it in so pathetic useless occupations. How dumb we are (actually I am, don't know for you). Don't remember where I found this picture called Life's a beach but I love it.

February 26, 2011

Carlos and Jason Sanchez - Various

In the world of Carlos & Jason Sanchez, 2 Canadian brothers (their site here), nothing is really what it seems. Never saw such a disturbing picture-all universe. All the menace in our everyday life, in our most intimate places with the people that share our daily life, is treated in a Hitchcockian atmosphere. All these new artists I post are doing of photography an art totally relevant to our century. What a misery to read ancient critics still in orgasmic postures in front of the boring conceptual approach of photography when there is a so exciting wave washing our visual habits and redefining symbolism through an intelligent and powerful imagery.

February 25, 2011

Jesse Burke - Clover

I don't know if Clover is the name of the little girl pictured here and if she's his daughter, but what I know is that this American photographer did splendid shots of her and that he sure knows how to suggest the inner life of our childhood when we walk on sand, in grass or when we face animal farms. This little girl has this something earthy and rude that avoid the usual bullshit imagery associated with most of pictures of children. You can find more on him here, there and here again. They deserve to be seen full size (click on them).

February 24, 2011

Ludmila Foblova - Various

Ludmila Foblova is said to be a "Czech Republic based nude art and fetish photographer". The best is to leave her talk about her way to consider pictures, it's quite what I like in this art. "Some people accept nudity in art only as a study of body and light, any emotion or passion is too vulgar or even pornographic for them. For me, those "pure" studies are very often poor, cold and boring. I want to show --not to hide-- our emotions, desires, passions and also our small fetishes in my nude photographs. Not for any provocation, but for a complex demonstration of a person, not just the body. Enjoy, Ludmila". Yes, enjoy. Her site here.

February 23, 2011

Various - Nude males with skulls

Men too can oppose a kind of sensuality to the death symbol represented by a skull. Above, some examples of beautiful associations between our nude bodies ("our" for males) and bones of our head when the mind's gone forever and we look like stupid smiling faces. As usual, click on pictures to have the large format.

February 21, 2011

Various - Nude in the graveyard

It is well known that Eros & Thanatos walk hand in hand. To show that, nude bodies in a graveyard seems a good idea. Unfortunately, among the thousands of pictures of nude models in cemetaries, so few with scoptophilian qualities. Here are the rares I gathered in the last months. Some for their ability to inspire some kind of erotism, some for their death flavor and the triumph of Thanatos. Don't forget to click on the images to see them full size.