November 7, 2016

Letter to ex-Raven Starblood


If there's something I despise, it's when someone accepted and was happy that I posted his/her pictures and then ask them to be deleted not directly to me but via the DMCA (sureley for damned manner to close account). What is the fuck dear Raven Starblood? You were rather glad that I made no less than 15 posts with your pictures between 2010 and 2011. You wrote flattered several comments under these posts. Of course there was blood, goth and sex on it but you made your life as a model at the times and seemed to assume. If these images do not fit with your new way of life (although I don't know how you live now since there's no more trace of you under this name on the net), you could write a comment asking me to delete all your images and I would have done it. No use to ask DMCA, suggesting I violate property act. It's bullshit. If Scoptophilia had been closed for that, I would be fucking angry. Maybe it's your new man or your family or anyone else that did this request. If they read this, I hope they realise they act like shit in doing that. End of this pathetic episode. 


  1. There is something rotten in New Zealand.

  2. Beautiful answer for these impolite practices of this model, a simple request would suffice.

  3. @Lorenzo. Don't know :-) All I know about NZ is that earth is shaking and that they have great bands and also Jessica Viscera.
    @C.C Checker. Thx for the appreciation. Funny that I decided to post about your work before your comment, not knowing you were visiting it. Nice work you do.