February 25, 2011

Jesse Burke - Clover

I don't know if Clover is the name of the little girl pictured here and if she's his daughter, but what I know is that this American photographer did splendid shots of her and that he sure knows how to suggest the inner life of our childhood when we walk on sand, in grass or when we face animal farms. This little girl has this something earthy and rude that avoid the usual bullshit imagery associated with most of pictures of children. You can find more on him here, there and here again. They deserve to be seen full size (click on them).


  1. it's my daughter, Clover. thanks for the post.

  2. Oh, thx for the comment (and for not complaining about me posting these pictures here, it's not always the case). These pictures are really among my fave for the reasons I gave in the little text. Your daughter got THE attitude. And you know how to respect this gift. Felicitations.