March 30, 2011

Various - Piggy Pig Pig

Tonight I feel like if the world was full of pigs. Politicianpigs, relationpigs, householderpig, bankerpig, everywhere pigs we'd like to cut their head off and carry them as a trophy. A good opportunity to post pigtures with a relevant Porkcol Harum sowng.

March 29, 2011

Various - Post-traumatic stress illustrations

Recently, I was searching for some illustrations for a lecture on the neurobiological mechanisms of post-traumatic stress and I realized that some pictures used by newspapers or webzines were quite strong actually. I picked up my faves and post them here. They illustrate quite well my tonight inner feeling. Sorry, they are quite small size even if you click on them.

March 28, 2011

Jols Ariella - Twisted Tales

You will say that I'm only interested by (young) women photographers but it's a fact the things I find the most moving, interesting, fascinating, inovating in photography are from (young) women. It's like this media was particularly adapted for carrying their mental imagery and their aesthetic look on existence. Jolena Ariella is from Singapore and she offers a splendid universe in which we drown with an unsane pleasure. Once again, I found her on deviantArt (here), and I didn't find any site and I hope she'll go on in this way cos' it's an exciting path. Note that Jolene took one picture by week.

March 27, 2011

Bord Airline - Various

Under this "jeu-de-mot" for borderline, is a French artist called Agathe (X for the name) who proposes a strong picturemagerie playing with our fears and our self-destructive pulsions (I once was tempted to put my hot iron on my face). There's a dynamics in these shots that makes them quite violent although the photographer (she's her own model) doesn't try to make us think that there's something painful or realistic in them. More than that, there's a sense of derision since most of the self-killing instruments are not appropriate suicide tools. You can find her site (shared with another photographer) here and her deviantArt gallery there. Hope she won't ask to remove this post. I become a little paranoiac these days.

March 26, 2011

Various - Piss & Love

The last comment I got was from Inkpoint for the Gilles Berquet series (see here) about women peeing, a fantastic one I agree. For him, I post tonight this sample of my fave peeing women ones. In each of them, there is something I like, something that puts the picture out of the only-fetichist domain (although I got no real problem with fetichists, just I think it's a little bit making women objects but if it's done nicely it's OK) and brings other kind of emotions: freedom, lightness, joy, even tenderness, and many more that I am unfortunately unable to find since I'm not fluent English writing. Take a glass of these wonderful peeing girls for tonight dear solitaire male brothers, and don't say that life is always a dry bore. Thanks the destiny that you're not blind. More if you ask. I think I don't need to tell you to click on pix to see them full size. If I need, that's you're not real scoptophilians.

March 24, 2011

Aertefact Usw - Das Zimmer

It's often when you feel fed up with life, when you are just going to let down everything you believed in, when any enthusiasm, curiosity, envy and hedonism, seem to have escaped from the field of ruins that became your brain, when death seems the only way out to leave with dignity, that you meet someone or something that brings back the spark of life. And that's what I experienced this morning, although I felt heavy as iron, unable to go to work, petrified by a global disgust, of me and the world around. On facebook, I discovered the new series of a French photographer called Artefact Usw, surely one of the greatest new artist of this country, and although I don't smoke, I got hair, and I sleep alone most of the year, I felt immediatly moved by this series entitled Das Zimmer. So much is said in it about the unavoidable solitude of human condition, even when sharing our most intimacy with someone else. Maybe not the smile I would have liked to make my day happier, but an emotion I'm happy to feel, making me aware I'm not totally dead inside. Her site here. Don't miss her exhibitions and support her work the way you can.