March 24, 2011

Aertefact Usw - Das Zimmer

It's often when you feel fed up with life, when you are just going to let down everything you believed in, when any enthusiasm, curiosity, envy and hedonism, seem to have escaped from the field of ruins that became your brain, when death seems the only way out to leave with dignity, that you meet someone or something that brings back the spark of life. And that's what I experienced this morning, although I felt heavy as iron, unable to go to work, petrified by a global disgust, of me and the world around. On facebook, I discovered the new series of a French photographer called Artefact Usw, surely one of the greatest new artist of this country, and although I don't smoke, I got hair, and I sleep alone most of the year, I felt immediatly moved by this series entitled Das Zimmer. So much is said in it about the unavoidable solitude of human condition, even when sharing our most intimacy with someone else. Maybe not the smile I would have liked to make my day happier, but an emotion I'm happy to feel, making me aware I'm not totally dead inside. Her site here. Don't miss her exhibitions and support her work the way you can.

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