March 1, 2011

Annie Girardot (25-10-1931 - 28-02-2011)

Annie Girardot died yesterday. She was more than a great artist, she was the vehicle for a catharsis among women during the seventies. An actress breaking the dull and conventional imagery of movie stars. An actress every woman could identify to. She was the Arletty of the last half of last century. The first part of her movie life was marked by her incredibly strong role in Rocco & his brothers by Tony Visconti, the last part by her moving role in The Pianist by Michael Haneke. It seems French directors were not good at providing great roles to a woman too strong for the narrow-minded comedy or psychological movies. In the later part of her life, she had developped Alzheimer. But the French movie industry had Alzheimer too in the eighties and in the nineties, in forgetting that she existed. Here some beautiful pictures from her throughout her artistic life. In each one, you can see the intensity of her personality. It's a little bit of us (I mean French people of my age) that goes in oblivion before we'll be oblivion ourselves quite soon.

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