March 12, 2011

I'm dumb (about legal actions and other stupidities)

Yes I'm dumb (and not Einstein). I had forgotten to active my comments alert and I discovered this morning only I got more that 30 comments since the beginning of this blog 8 months ago. The only ones I had seen were the Raven StarblOOd's ones, and they were nice. All are not. Among them, many are anecdotical (one is shocked by the Cicciolina pictures, one is a paintball amateur happy to have porn from his shit game), but 2 are more serious, ie. requests for removing their pictures. The first is Scott H (he doesn't want apparently that his name features in full) and without any answer from me, decided to ask DMCA to do it. I discussed this point (and recognised my dumbness, quite an amateurish way to do a blog actually) on his site here. The other one is Paul D (he doesn't deserve to have his full name) who asked that I removed his pictures of an old woman or he would begin a legal action against me (maybe he has began since his comment is from January and I only read it today). Always pleasant to be menaced by someone just because you tried to share your admiration for his work (!!!). But I suppose the sense of property is too strong and removes all the basic peacefull interindividual relations. OK, your pix are out and you can put back your legal action wherever you want (I said "wherever"). All in all, I feel things become too complicated and the pleasure is fading. I'm not sure to go on in a near future if I see that these legal threats become frequent. I was really sure when I began this blog it would stay confidential and photographers would be happy to see their work recommended and signalled positively. It seems I was wrong. PS. If Einstein's family wants the picture of their ancestor above being removed, please ask nicely before legal action. Thanks.


  1. Your blog is beautiful, fantastic, amazing!
    I hope you'll go on! Fuck the legal threats!
    Don't leave us, please!!!!

  2. Thx for the encouragement. I've still some gems to post so I won't quit before it will be done. And Raven StarblOOd needs a bloody fanblog on the web :-)

  3. dk - thanks for your comments on my blog & clearly you understand why I behaved as I did and I've no doubt you would have responded positively had my efforts to contact you succeeded.

    You like my images & I like (& follow) your blog. You talk about ownership, I talk about respect. We'll probably differ for ever on that front.

    Where you say "photographers would be happy to see their work recommended and signalled positively", why not simply let photographers know what you are doing or have done so that they can be happy? If you had done this then in retrospect we can see that I would have been happy and you would have been happy because a tiny change would have been discovered and acted on.

    If there was a button for you to press to allow you to republish the article having removed five letters you know I'd be happy!

    By the way, I still don't see a contact email address on your blog - I think you must assume that it is available but I still can't find it anywhere here :)

  4. Thanx for coming here post a comment. Actually I never hide my mail on blogger but it seems it appears nowhere. I must have done another mistake. It's In conclusion, of course I realised how it could be embarassing for you to have naked pix of you appearing when people write your name in google. But I thought this series was known and associated with your name quite publicly. For the "asking first" point, I must say I'll never do it and would prefer close this blog if requests of "asking first" and "removing if not asked first" became common. I really consider it's what we call in France an "abus de pouvoir". But after 10 months, I didn't face much so I hope it will last.