March 18, 2011

Hervé Gergaud - Lyzane Potvin "Je suis une truie" performance

Lyzane Potvin, a young lady from Quebec, was primary one my fave contempory painters before becoming quite a friend, although I feel too nobody to have the pretention of being friend with a great artist. If you want to look at her painting, you can visit her myspace here of her facebook page there. I posted her "Cafardeuse" series previously here. Five years ago, she exposed her fantastic series "Je suis une truie" ("I am a sow") and instead of doing the pathetic mundane circus most artists seem to accept quite easily to do, she dressed herself in a quite bloody and wounded sow and stayed in a cage or, as in the Sexodrome (a pathetic supersexmarket that had the pretention to do some arty exhibitions), walked among invitees (unauthorized, it was not quite so well accepted it should have been). Here are the pictures of this event (and one in her cage from the other exhibition some days before). Lyzane is back in Paris for some days now and it's a privilege to have her in this dead city museum. She brings some life in it. And honestly, she's a gorgeous lady as you can see on the maskless pictures that close this post. The shots are by Hervé Gergaud (site here). More to come soon from this important photographer. Meanwhile, this is a testimony of my admiration and affection for Lyzane.

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